C++ – Project files in KDevelop

Project files in KDevelop… here is a solution to the problem.

Project files in KDevelop

I’m trying to write a simple cmake-based application using KDevelop. KDevelop creates two myProject.kdev4 project files: one in the project folder and one in the .kdev4 hidden subfolder. Both are non-empty. Which ones should I check? How do I get kdevelop to use only one project file (preferably not hidden folders)?


The .kdev4 file is used for kdevelop specific information (it mostly tells KDevelop to use the CMake project manager). This folder contains user-specific configurations (similar to a .user file if you are familiar with Visual Studio).

CMakeLists.txt files are usually only needed, as they should contain all relevant generic data. You can put in a .kdev4 file so that you don’t need to “import” the project through CMakeLists on another machine.txt. However, the .kdev4 folder should remain on your local computer because you do not want to mix users’ configurations.

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