Java 13 and Eclipse behave strangely

Java 13 and Eclipse behave strangely … here is a solution to the problem.

Java 13 and Eclipse behave strangely

I’m trying to use Java 13 with Eclipse on Linux.
I’m trying to create a “portable” java+eclipse folder that can be moved between machines.
I have downloaded and unzipped
Java 13 from

Eclipse from

I have installed all the parts in the Eclipse Marketplace

I have set the jdk into the jdk13 folder.
The result is that Eclipse can compile my Java13 code, however
Do not run it.
When I try to run, I get

[..] /EclipseJava13/jdk-13/bin/java: symbol lookup error: [..] /EclipseJava13/jdk-13/bin/java: undefined symbol: JLI_InitArgProcessing

I can compile and run Java13 from the command line using the command, no problem :

.. /.. /.. /jdk-13/bin/javac --release 13 --enable-preview main/
.. /.. /.. /jdk-13/bin/java --enable-preview main. Main

If I cut and paste the *.class generated by eclipse, I can run them with the command

.. /.. /.. /jdk-13/bin/java --enable-preview main. Main

No problem. As a result, Eclipse is recognizing Java 13 and compiling Java 13 code correctly.

But… When I try to run from inside Eclipse, I get the error.
I’m not sure what to do next.


Ok, I found this issue.
Eclipse itself is a Java program.
I also have Java8 on my machine
Eclipse runs with Java8.
Java8 preloads a version of the library with symbol JLI_InitArgProcessing in the environment. Therefore, when Java 13 runs in the same environment, it tries to reuse cached versions of such libraries.
If I start eclipse with Java13, that’s fine.

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