Java – Overrides the public final method in Java (reflection?!)

Overrides the public final method in Java (reflection?!)… here is a solution to the problem.

Overrides the public final method in Java (reflection?!)

I’m trying to create a custom LayoutAnimationController encountered a problem for an Android project. It has methods

public final Animation getAnimationForView(View v)

For my custom LayoutAnimationController, I need to override this method because each View should get a “unique” animation.
Is it possible to override the public final method using reflection or similar techniques, or do you have other ideas?

I know in override java final methods via reflection or other means? Similar things are discussed in , but the “solution” that appears is very user-specific and does not fully answer the question that overrides the final method.


It looks like LayoutAnimationController isn’t suitable for this use.

If you are able to override getAnimationForView(View v) with the functionality you want, then most of the methods/constructors of LayoutAnimationController will be meaningless, as this class is for using a single animation (with different delays) on multiple Views.

Perhaps it’s best to review the source code and create your own animated controller based on this information.

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