Java – Retrieves pointer data from in Android

Retrieves pointer data from in Android… here is a solution to the problem.

Retrieves pointer data from in Android

I’m trying to retrieve data from a pointer in my database from the User class, which is the “companyId” pointer that the company (which gets the company objectId from the class Company) adds data from another table named Note to the field named companyId when creating the object.

Here is my database:

Class Name: User
objectId String|companyId Pointer Company|username String |password String

Class name: Note
objectId string | The companyId string |text string

I’ve been looking for a solution but haven’t found any because I don’t know how to retrieve the companyId value because it’s a pointer.

Thank you in advance for any reply.

EDIT: The problem is solved, here are how it worked for me and other ways for “bigdee94” to solve it.



Carlos, you can try this:-

According to the documentation, in order to call relational data from a pointer column, you can use the include() method.

For example: –

ParseQuery<ParseObject> userQuery = ParseUser.getQuery();
userQuery.findInBackground(new FindCallback<ParseObject>() {
public void done(List<ParseObject> objects, ParseException e) {
   if (e == null) {
       userObjects retrieved successfully
      ParseObject companyIdObject = (ParseObject) objects.get("companyObjectIdColumn");
   } else {
      Log.d("objects", "Error: " + e.getMessage());

where companyObjectIdColumn is the objectId column in the Company table (class), and
objects is the list of
objects to be queried
P.S: You can set ParseObject companyIdObject as a global variable so that you can access it from anywhere.

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