Java – Use modularity in Android

Use modularity in Android… here is a solution to the problem.

Use modularity in Android

The goal is to be able to develop modules/plug-ins (APKs) for the main application.

I googled and found that intent can be used via broadcast receiver ( ), but the downside of this approach is memory consumption because I would be using multiple virtual machines.

Regarding OSGi,

nothing very clear about android, only one application is implemented using Apache Felix OSGi, but a lot of errors were found when trying to configure (。

I found no up-to-date examples being developed/used. I wonder if there are some powerful strategies (for OSGI) these days for those who want to offer modularity in Android apps?

If anyone knows of any frameworks or APIs, please let me know?


Late last year, I gave a talk about using OSGi in Android

In short:

  • Android sets some limits on your modularity (no runtime linking, so you either don’t use it or design your API very carefully).
  • Prefer services to bundles.

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