Java – What is LinkedHashMap and what is it used for?

What is LinkedHashMap and what is it used for?… here is a solution to the problem.

What is LinkedHashMap and what is it used for?

When I looked at the sample code containing the ListView, I thought of LinkedHashMap.
What is LinkedHashMap, where and how can we use it? I went through several articles and didn’t fully understand. Whether it is required when creating a ListView. What is the connection between ListViews and LinkedHashMaps? Thank you.


For simplicity, let’s understand the difference between HashMap and LinkedHashMap.

HashMap: It provides output in random order, which means we insert values in the wrong order.


LinkedHashMap: It gives output in order.

Let’s look at a small example: using HashMap

    // suppose we have written a program
     now use HashMap
    HashMap map = new HashMap();   create object
    map.put(1,"Rohit");           insert values

System.out.println("MAP=" +map); print the output using concatenation

So the output may be in any order like we can say the output may be as:

But that’s not the case in LinkedHashMap
Just replace “HashMap” with “LinkedHashMap” in the code above
It will display the outputs sequentially, e.g. 1=Rohit will display first, and then the other outputs in order.

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