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android: Tags… here is a solution to the problem.

android: Tags

I want my app to work on all tablets, from Samsung Galaxy TAb 7 inches to any other tablet size.

When I publish my app in Google Play, it appears on the same phones, such as HTC Sensation XE and Samsung Galaxy S3!, which is my tag in list:

    android:xlargeScreens="true" />


guess I don’t understand exactly which dimensions each sublabel corresponds to. Can anyone help me?


If you plan to support the original version of the Galaxy Tab 7 with Gingerbread, I would say that only tablets may not be supported under Gingerbread. Because Gingerbread doesn’t distinguish between tablets and phones.

Only in Honeycomb can the smallest width dp be used to distinguish widths.

So, I think this answer might help you :

Designing an android tablet-only app

Basically, you need to add min SDK tags to restrict only Honeycomb (tablets only, no phones using honeycomb) and up to download your app

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