Linux – How do I create a “Nested ssh tunnel”?

How do I create a “Nested ssh tunnel”?… here is a solution to the problem.

How do I create a “Nested ssh tunnel”?

I connect to the linux server through 2 more servers:

MyPC --(ssh)--> serverA --(ssh)--> serverB --(ssh)--> FinalServer

httpd runs on FinalServer and listens to 80
serverA/serverB only accepts port 22, sshd services

Is there a way to access FinalServer: on myPC like this

myPC> curl
Hi , this is FinalServer Httpd Service!!

Thank you very much!!


In principle, you only need to go through tunnel port 80 every time you ssh.

So, at each step: ssh-L80:localhost:80<next-host>

However, you won’t be able to tunnel port 80 (and all ports < 1024 without root), so you must use a different port for this.

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