Linux – How do I submit a web page with a different IP?

How do I submit a web page with a different IP?… here is a solution to the problem.

How do I submit a web page with a different IP?


don’t want to do something illegal with it (like voting in a row, in fact, someone is doing it), but I’m just curious about it. Because I studied TCP/IP, I found that there are many software, such as “IP changer”, that can be used to submit a website with a different IP. Wow, this is really amazing! So I analyzed some possible mechanisms. But I denied everything I could.

  1. I think they may be constantly connecting and disconnecting from the internet. Because every time you surf the Internet, the ISP will assign a new IP address, hackers can use this new IP to submit websites, disconnect after successful submission, and connect again next time… But to some extent it is not possible because if you do, each submission will last a long time and will not work in some regions.

  2. Modify TCP/IP packets. For a while I did think it might be fine. But then I denied it. Let’s say I want to submit a website, and I change the IP address of the packet I want to submit to that website. It looks like everything is fine, but the web server sends messages to fake IPs, so I can’t get any information from the site. But in some cases where we don’t need a reply, it should work. Right? NetFilter and IPTatables in Linux might be implemented, but I’m not sure because I don’t know much about these tools

  3. Use a proxy server. I also think that this is somehow impossible. Is there a way to get a lot of free proxy servers? And most free proxy servers are very unstable because there is a possibility that you cannot use the proxy server for a day. Of course, paid proxy servers may be permanent. But with that money, you can do better.

IMO All three methods have drawbacks. And the implementation may not be any of them. Can anyone tell me the real mechanism of this technology?


Use a large number of proxy servers. That’s it, because they can be harvested easily, so it’s not difficult. For example, proxies can be installed on hacked websites.

Issues added:

Using proxy server. i also think it is impossible to some there any method to get lots of free proxy servers?

This is possible by simply hacking a large number of web servers, fully automated. For example, searching for the wrong Joomla installation lets you install software on each web server. Of course, you can also use a normal computer. It’s like a botnet.

and most free proxy servers is very unstabitily, for there is a possible circumstance that you cannot use the proxy server in one day. Of course, paid proxy server may be permanent. but with these money you can do something better.

Stability is certainly important, but it doesn’t really matter in this case. You only have to send many, many requests. Don’t care which succeeds and which doesn’t. It doesn’t matter to your goals.

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