Linux – How do I test configuration files in Bluez Linux?

How do I test configuration files in Bluez Linux?… here is a solution to the problem.

How do I test configuration files in Bluez Linux?

Anyone who has any idea about testing the Bluetooth profiles available in a Linux system.
Are there test suites or programs available in Linux?


You can test it against the official Bluetooth organization “Profile Tuning Suite” or PTS tools.

I believe Bluez has tested against different profiles at different stages.

However, it is not free.

I can see from the website (company registration and login required) that the Bluez stack has recently been identified by Qualcomm as a component (listed June 12, 2012) and complies with the Bluetooth specification 4.0 + HS.

This is Kernal 3.0, Bluez 4.93.

Profiles and protocols specifically tested in the qualification:

  • Service Discovery Protocol

  • Logical link control and adaptation protocol

  • Generic access profiles

  • RFCOMM with TS 07.10

  • Serial port configuration file

  • Audio/Video Control Protocol (AVCTP 1.3) targets

  • Bluetooth network encapsulation protocol

  • General Audio/Video Distribution Profile – Receiver, GAVDP 1.2,

  • Audio/Video Distribution Transport Protocol – Receiver, AVDTP 1.2,
    Sponsor, source

  • Host Controller interface

  • Multi-channel protocol – supports the sink role, supports the Source role, and supports standard opcodes

  • AMP Manager protocol

  • 4.0 Host Controller interface

  • Common property profiles – property protocols supported by LE, client, and server

  • Attribute protocol – client, server, BR/EDR (L2CAP fixed channel support), LE

  • Security Manager Protocol

Are there specific profiles or protocols that interest you but are not on the list?

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