Linux – Increase the shell buffer size in Linux

Increase the shell buffer size in Linux… here is a solution to the problem.

Increase the shell buffer size in Linux

It’s hard to explain exactly what I’m looking for, so let me try to give an example:
Let’s say I’m looking for a file. But once my search was over… I can’t scroll up and see all 1000 rows. The size of the screen buffer is obviously limited. Can I increase this size anyway?


Since you did not specify which terminal emulator you are using, in general you should look for the scrollback value, usually under the terminal emulator’s Preferences menu. It can also be under the Scrolling or Profiles submenu.

For example, use x-terminal-emulator:

enter image description here

Similar menus and options should work with other terminal emulators such as PuTTY, GnomeTerminal, etc….

This is a similar thread in the AskUbuntu SE site:

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