Linux – Retrieves files from the symbolic link folder

Retrieves files from the symbolic link folder… here is a solution to the problem.

Retrieves files from the symbolic link folder

I have a folder (http://myserver/originalfolder/test.jpg) containing images hosted on a server running Suse 11.1. I also have a symbolic link to that folder in my coldfusion instance (http://myserver/cfusion/myinstance/shortcutfolder), running on JBoss, pointing to the original folder.

When I check if a file exists by typing url http://myserver/cfusion/myinstance/shortcutfolder/test.jpg in my browser, I get a 404 error. However, when I tried the same process with .cfm files, it worked fine. It seems that there is some kind of filter somewhere.

Is there any way to retrieve non-.cfm via symbolic link in my ColdFusion app?


Adding shortcut folders in the top-level directory of the Default Web Site in IIS is not supported, so you need to add a virtual directory to the Default Web Site to point to the folder that you want. See also

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