Python – salt : several minions on one host?

salt : several minions on one host?… here is a solution to the problem.

salt : several minions on one host?

So far, we have run our applications in multiple Python virtual environments on a Linux host.

We consider using salt, but we want to be able to update one virtualenv without modifying other virtualenvs.

As far as I know, you can only say “please enter the high state” to the complete servant.

We see these solutions:

  • Running multiple minions on one Linux operating system: AFAIK is not currently supported
  • Use a servant, but not advanced status. We need to handle each virtualenv with one state (we can’t say “highstate” to the entire minion).
  • Use some kind of virtualization (such as Docker) to give each virtualenv a minion.

I’m new to salt, please ask if I’m missing something or you’re not getting what I’m looking for.


Every Linux operating system has a lot of virtualenvs. They are all very equal. We want to manage them without creating sls files for each one.

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