Aarakocra 5e – DnD Monsters

Aarakocra is a medium humanoid 5e dnd monster. If the Arancola Hawkman dives straight at least 30 feet towards a target in flight and hits the opponent with a melee attack, the attack deals an additional 3 (1d6) damage to the target.

Howling Gyre

Aarakocra surrounds the quiet Aaqa frontier of the air, which is an endless storm area condensed by squally showers.

The bird-like aarakocra roams here, to defend the windy border of their homeland from the enemy from the elemental plane of the earth, among them the gargoyle.

Eniemies of Elemental Evil

Aarakocra 5e serves the Wind Duke of Ikwa, searching for a temple of evil elements in the plane.

They monitor and destroy hostile elemental creatures, or report to the Duke of the Wind.

In the main material plane, the d&d aarakocra nest on top of high mountains and prefer some peaks near the airplane portal. From these heights, Aarakocra watched the signs of elemental invasion.

And at the same time, they were alert to the hidden dangers of their home plane. Aarakocra eagles like a wind-free, non-stop life, but will also be stationed for years to resist the invasion of evil elements.

The aarakocra do not have the concept of territorial and property ownership, and gold and silver jewelry and various rare materials do not make much sense to them. In their eyes, individuals should take only what is needed and leave the rest to others.

Search for the Seven Shards

A family of Duke Aikwa, named Vatti, was an elemental race that dominated many worlds. It wasn’t until after the chaos, the existence of an individual named Queen of Chaos, that a war against the Wati rule began.

In order to compete with it, the seven Vati heroes gathered their power to make a powerful Rod of Law. Later, in a battle against his boss, Mishka the Wolf Spider after the fight against chaos, a Vati pierced the wand like a spear into Mishka’s body and killed it.

As a result, the scepter was broken into seven pieces and scattered in the multiverse. The Arancolas are still looking for traces of the fragments, hoping that one day they will be able to recast the handed Rod of Seven Parts.