Aid 5e spell – Can aid heal someone who is downed?

Can aid 5e heal someone who is downed?

Aid 5e

Level: 2

Casting time: 1 Action

Range: 30 feet

Components: V, S, M (a tiny strip of white cloth)

Duration: 8 hours

Your spells increase the resilience and perseverance of your allies. Specify up to three creatures within the cast range. The maximum health and current health of each target is increased by 5 for the duration of the dnd 5e spell.

At a higher level:

When casting this spell with 3 or higher spell slots, each time you use a spell slot that is one ring higher than the 2nd ring, each target’s upper health limit and current health increase by an additional 5 points.

Discussion about dnd 5e aid

A quick question about the Aid spell 5e, and how it would affect unconscious PCs when increasing current hit points. I understand it’s very powerful, and why a DM would hesitate on the ruling. (—@JeffreyRoyal)

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I came to 5e from only having experience with D&D Basic rules (the even older purple box) decades age, and some 1st edition play in 2015-16. The first 15pg of the Players Handbook were my aid to readapting; agreed the spell listings are annoying. There’s an app for that. 🙂 (—@evansche)

How many times can aid spell 5e to be cast?

In 5e, when you cast aid as a higher-level dnd 5e spell, does each target receive the additional health bonus for casting as a higher-level spell?

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