How to use alchemist’s supplies 5e?

Alchemist’s Supplies

Alchemist’s supplies can produce useful mixtures of characters, such as acids or alchemists’ fires.

Components. The alchemist’s supplies include two glass beakers, a metal frame that holds the beaker to an open flame, a glass mixing rod, a small cocoon, and a crucible, and a bag of ordinary alchemy ingredients, including salt, iron powder and pure powder water.

Investigation. When you examine clues in an area, skilled use of alchemist’s supplies will give you a better understanding of any chemicals or other substances that may be used in the area.

Arcana. Skilled in alchemist’s supplies, you can unlock more information about potions and similar materials.

Aichemicai Crafting. You can use this tool to create alchemy projects. Characters can spend money to collect raw materials, which can weigh up to 1 pound for every 50 gp. DM can be advantageous to enable the role to be checked using the skill indicated.

As part of a long break, you can use the alchemist’s supplies to take a dose of acid, alchemist’s fire, antitoxins, oil, perfume or soap. Subtract half of the value of the project you create from the total gp value of the raw material you are carrying.

Create a puff of thick smoke10
Identify a poison10
Identify a substance15
Start a fire15
Neutralize acid20

Frequently Discussed Topics

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2. In regards to my upcoming dnd 5e rogue subclass book for the DMsGuild, this is the Apothecary, a non-magic healer than will require the use of the alchemist’s supplies or herbalism kit for some of their class features, designed with more support in mind than combat skills.

3. My f*king GREMLIN of a d&d character is just HOARDING tool kits!!!

-Thieves’ Tools
-Dungeoneer’s Pack
-Alchemist’s Supplies
-Herbalist’s Kit
-Healer’s Kit
-Mechanic’s Kit

this f*kin RAT isn’t even PROFICIENT with half of these. why do I have these!!!

4. I DO have a dwarven cleric/druid, who’s all about making alcohol from Goodberries…
I wanted to use his Alchemist’s Supplies for making Goodbooze, but since he’s a dwarf and proficient with brewer’s supplies, he could make Goodbrew, too…