Alter self 5e spell – what happens when a huge creature uses alter self?

What happens when a huge creature uses an alter self 5e spell?

Alter self

2nd level Transmutation (Wizard, Sorcerer)

Casting Time: Action

Range: Self

Components: VS

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

How does d&d 5e Alter Self work?

You changed your form. When casting, choose one of the following options to take effect and maintain it until the end of its duration. You can also switch between options in one action for the duration.

Aquaatic Adaptation

You grow gills and webs to adapt to action in the water. You can breathe underwater and get a swimming speed equivalent to walking speed.

Change Appearance

You changed your appearance. You can set your own appearance: including height, weight, facial details, sound lines, hair length, skin color, and (possibly) unique appearance characteristics. You can make yourself look like other races, but your character value will not change.

You cannot change your body shape or basic body contour. For example, if you act on two feet, you cannot become a four-legged creature. You can change these appearance details in one action for the duration.

Natural Weapons

You grow fangs and claws, thorns with long horns, or other types of natural weapons of your choice. The natural weapon you choose can cause your unarmed strike to cause 1d6 bludgeoning, slash, or puncture damage, and you are considered proficient with an unarmed strike.

In addition, the natural weapon is considered a magic weapon, and you have a +1 bonus on attack checks and damage rolls you use to make it.

Discussion about Alter self 5e spell

Me the first time I joined a DnD 5e party: “Is the group always this…uhm…disorganised?”

Me now: “I cast Alter Self to make myself look like a guard so that I can break into the castle because the court mage, who is also my on-off boyfriend, won’t reply to my messages”. (—@delsinsfire)

Horny DnD 5e spells… Using Simulacrum to fu*k your clone. Polymorphs and Alter Self to make other people clones. Especially Mass Polymorph… …What do you mean there are other horny spells that don’t twin people? (—@ConflictedPsych)

What are the limitations of alter self 5e?

I’ve seen my players use Darkness, alter self pathfinder, and even spend wand charges to solve problems. If there’s a conflict, it’s an encounter.

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