Animal friendship 5e – how does animal friendship work?

Animal friendship 5e spell

1st level Enchantment (Druid, Bard, Ranger)

Casting Time: Action

Range: 30 feet

Components: VSM

Duration: 24 hours

How does dnd 5e animal friendship work?

The dnd 5e animal friendship spell helps you convince a beast that you are not malicious. Specify a beast that you can see within the cast range, and it must also be able to see you and hear your voice. The beast must make a Wisdom save. If the save fails, it will be charmed by you for the duration of the spell. If its intelligence is 4 or higher, the spell fails directly. If you or your partner cause damage to the target, the spell ends.

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At Higher Levels

When casting animal friendship 5e spell with a 2nd-level or higher spell slot, you can choose one more beast as the target every time the spell slot you use is 1 ring higher than the 1st.

Discussion about d&d 5e animal friendship

I’m bummed that after two years of this #dnd campaign, I still haven’t been able to use my “animal friendship” spell. I want to romp in a forest and snuggle with bears. (—@Annaleen)

There are some ways to gain thematic companions in D&D 5e. They include:

• roleplay
• spells like animal friendship, animate dead, find familiar, and find a steed
• the Beast Master

What can animal friendship do in dnd 5e?

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