Animate dead 5e spell – how do you run it?

If you know the Animate object 5e spell, you might also know the dnd 5e animate dead. Let’s dive into it.

Animate dead

Level: 3rd

Classes: Cleric, Wizard

Casting Time: 1 minute

Range: 10 feet

Components: VSM

Duration: Instantaneous

How does animate dead 5e work?

This dnd 5e animate dead spell creates an undead servant. Designate a medium or small humanoid remains or bodies within the cast range, and use this spell to inject the tainted false life force into it, evoking it as an undead.

If you choose the remains, the target becomes a skeleton; if you choose the remains, it becomes a zombie. The specific game information of this creature is controlled by DM.

In any of your rounds, you can use a bonus action and use spiritual commands to manipulate any creature within 60 feet that you call up with this d&d 5e animate dead spell (if you manipulate multiple creatures, your commands can be communicated to them all or Are some of them, but you can only use the same command).

You decide the movement and movement of the controlled creature next turn. Or, you can choose to give a wide range of commands (such as guarding a room or corridor). Creatures that haven’t received your order will only defend themselves against hostile creatures. Once the command is given, the creature will continue to execute the command until the task is completed.

These manipulated creatures will only obey your orders within 24 hours. If you cast the spell before the end of the current 24-hour period, your manipulation of these creatures is extended by another 24 hours. This usage of the animate dead 5e spell can only extend your control time over up to four creatures you create with this spell, it does not create new creatures.

At Higher Levels

When casting this spell with a 4th or higher spell slot, each time you use a spell slot that is higher than the 3rd ring, you will arouse two more undead creatures, or prolong the control of two undead creatures. You cannot use the same bone or body to evoke multiple undead creatures.

Frequently discussion about dnd 5e animate dead

How does animate dead 5e work? (As described above)

Which classes learn animate dead? ( Cleric, Wizard)

How useful is animate dead 5e?

Animate Dead and Create Undead both have casting times of one minute. But no, conjuring a creature does not end Time Stop.

In 5e dnd, how many skeletons can you control with animate dead?

How many zombies can you have under animate dead?

In the D&D 5e, life is fueled by the energy emanating from the Positive Plane, and undeath is fueled by the energy emanating from the Negative Plane.

Magic can be used to direct these energies into a corpse, granting life (raise dead) or animate dead.