Antilife Shell 5e spell

Antilife Shell

Level: 5th

Classes: Druid

Casting Time: Action

Range: Self

Components: VS

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

How does Antilife Shell 5e spell work?

The flashing barrier surrounds the area within 10 feet of you and moves around you, blocking all types of creatures except undead and build creatures. The shield persists until the dnd 5e antilife spell ends.

The shield prevents the affected creature from passing through or entering it, but the affected creature can use spells, long-range weapons, or touch weapons to attack the inside of the shield. If you force the affected creature into the shield while you move, the spell ends.

Frequently discussion about dnd 5e antilife shell

Create Food and Water to avoid the store, DnD 5e Antilife Shell to enforce social distance, or a third not yet considered #dnd spell. What is best to prepare in quarantine? Spells containing the words restoration or disease excluded.

Time for a spell that sounds a lot scarier than it is. Antilife shell creates a shell 10 feet around you that no creature can pass through. It moves with you. Basically forced social distancing for 1 hour. The question is are microscopic lifeforms creatures? #dnd

Vicious Mockery Of The Day: Your social life in two words?

Antilife shell.

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Recently the group I DM was fighting a dragon and they came up with a ridiculous plan to teleport inside of the dragon and cast Antilife Shell to pop it from the inside. How would you rule this?