Antipathy/Sympathy 5e spell

This Antipathy/Sympathy 5e spell attracts or drives away creatures you specify. Specify a giant or smaller object or creature within the cast range, or a cubic area not exceeding 200 feet.

Antipathy/ Sympathy 5e

Level: 8th

Classes: Wizard Druid

Casting Time: 1 hour

Range: 60 feet

Components: V, S, M

Duration: 10 days

You specify a type of intelligent creature (such as red dragon, goblin, vampire, etc.), and inject the target with aura that can attract or drive the selected type of creature. You can choose disgust or caring as the effect of the spell.


The influence of the spell makes your chosen type of creatures want to stay away from the enchanted target unstoppable. When an eligible creature sees the target or is less than 60 feet away from the target, the creature must make a Wisdom saving throw and pass it successfully, otherwise, it will panic. As long as the target is still visible or within 60 feet of the target, the creature will remain in a panic state.

A creature caught in this panic must move autonomously to a safe place nearby where the target cannot be seen. After being at least 60 feet away from the target and unable to see the target, the creature’s panic state ends. But he will panic again when he sees the target again or gets within 60 feet of the target.

Any creature that enters one of the portals will exit the other portal as if two portals were adjacent to each other.

There is no effect if you walk past the side where the portal is not effective. The fog covered the door blocked the view, so no image could be seen. You can use a bonus action to change the direction of the portal during your turn.

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