Arcane gate 5e spell

How to use the arcane gate 5e spell in d&d?

Arcane Gate

Level: 6th

Classes: Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

Casting Time: Action

Range: 500 feet

Components: V, S

Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes

You create two connected portals. Specify two points on the ground that you can see, one within 10 feet of your side and the other within 500 feet.

The 10-foot-diameter circular conveyor door will then open at two points. If the point you choose is occupied by a creature, the spell fails and is consumed.

The edge of the portal is a twinkling two-dimensional ring, which is foggy and suspended vertically a few feet from the ground. The ring is visible only on one side (chosen by you), and that side is the one side of the portal.

Any creature entering one of the portals will come out of the other as if the two portals were adjacent. Walking through the side of the portal that does not work will have no effect.

The fog in the door blocked the view and could not see any images. You can change the orientation of the portal in your own turn using an attached action.

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1. In a DnD session on Thursday, we were in the fey wild and was vs a shield guardian my group was at less than half health. My Artificer asked duke Aod to arcane gate 5e him above the shield guardian as soon as my character jumped in the gate I used branding smite on my plus 1 sword 1.

2. We didn’t kill an NPC that picked a fight with us for the first time, we are now the heroes of Baldur’s gate, we got some horses and a TOWER which has some sort of undead squatter hiding out in one of the rooms. Thanks to Arcane Eye, for the scouting.

3. In dnd: we’ll put a dnd 5e arcane gate into the sky and let then fall down 500ft.