C# – Convert C# to pure Java?

Convert C# to pure Java?… here is a solution to the problem.

Convert C# to pure Java?

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is there an effective tool to convert c# to java?

I’m not very experienced with Java and have a lot of C#, I want to translate it into Java syntax so it can compile.

Reason: Android and Google Cloud

I understand that the API/platform has different structures, but arguably we don’t need 100% compatibility, but just to translate the “core functionality”. As far as I know, GUI itself is a story. HOWEVER, INSTEAD OF REWRITING EACH SWITCH-CASE, REBUILD EACH CLASS, ETC. It is best to “map” objects to Java equals and then recompile them on Android/Google platforms.

I’m sure something can’t be translated into “something only in C#” – but just like every language can generate .NET/MONO, I think there might be a Java-> .Net also available and therefore also a decompiler or something?

So is there any easy way to overcome this translation by automating 80-95% of the tasks with frameworks, SDKs, or other similar methods?

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