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Charlatan 5e

You always have great potential when you communicate with people. You understand the other person’s motives.

After a few minutes of conversation and a few introductory questions, you can analyze everything as easy as browsing a pediatric book. And you are very happy to take advantage of this practical talent for adventure.

People’s common sense is to be wary of overspeaking sweet words, but your skills can bypass them. This bottle of pink potion will definitely cure your bad rash. The artifact cream, in fact, some oil sprinkled with silver powder, can rejuvenate your youth.

The bridge in the city just happened to be auctioned. These falsehoods lie in your mouth like facts.

Skill proficiency 5eDeception, Sleight of Hand
Tool proficiencies 5eDisguise kit, forgery tool
EquipmentA set of high-end clothing, a set of easy-to-fit tools;
Some deceptive props of your choice
(ten stopper bottles filled with colorful liquids,
a set of cheats, a set of secret cards,
or a fabricated duke’s seal ), a belt bag containing 15 gp

Favorite Schemes

Every charlatan 5e has a preferred scam approach. Choose a preference scam, or roll the dice randomly.

1I cheat in a game.
2I forged currency or documents.
3I penetrate into the lives of others, take control of them, and take possession of them.
4I change my identity just like changing clothes.
5I play tricks on the street corner with my clever hands.
6I persuade others to spend a lot of hard money on worthless trash.

Suggested Characteristics

D&d 5e charlatan is all-rounders who hide their true identities behind various masks.

They can reflect people wanting to see what they want and how they see the world. It’s just that their true self is sometimes troubled by issues of conscience, old enemies, or crisis of trust.

Personality Traits 5e

D8Personality Traits
1 I am easy to attract bees and butterflies, and my love life is constantly on and off.
2 I laugh and joke in all situations, especially when out of date.
3 I love to get what I ask for by means of welcome. .
4 I am a born gambler, and once there is a possibility of a return, I will ignore the risks.
5 I always tell a lie, whether it is necessary or not.
6 Irony and sarcasm are my weapons of choice.
7 I have a row of holy emblems on my body, and I can pray to any god anytime, anywhere to bless it.
8 I will collect anything that may be of some value.


1 Independence. My soul is free–no one can point me at it. (confusion)
2 Fairness. I never make money from people who are too poor to lose money. (Obey)
3 Charity. I share the money I make with those who really need it. (Goodness)
4 Creativity. I never play the same trick twice. ( Chaotic )
5 Friendship. Money comes and goes, and friendship lasts forever. (Goodness)
6 Aspiration. I am determined to succeed. (Optional)


1 I blackmailed the wrong person, so I have to make sure that guy doesn’t deal with me or anyone I care about again.
2 My mentor is a terrible person who may be rotten in some prison, but I owe him a lot.
3 I have a child who has never met me somewhere. I’m changing the world for him.
4 I am a nobleman, and sooner or later I will snatch everything back from those who plagiarize my territory and titles.
5 A big man killed my lover. Before long, I will avenge him.
6 I ruined a person who should not be deceived. I try to make up for my mistakes, but I may never forgive myself.


1 I have no resistance to pretty faces.
2 I always owe debts and spend ill-gotten wealth on luxury goods faster than I can earn.
3 I am convinced that no one can lie to me in the way I deceive.
4 I’m never content with my existing property, and I’m not afraid of risk when it comes to money.
5 I can’t help but urge to deceive people who are far better than myself.
6 Although I ca n’t open my teeth and hate it, I will turn around and run away when I feel bad, and I just hide myself.

Feature: False Identity

You can pretend to be another identity, along with related witnesses and physical evidence about that identity, and you must disguise yourself to get you into the character.

In addition, you can forge documents containing official formats and personal handwriting, provided that you have seen such documents and the handwriting of the target as a model.

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