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Criminal background 5e

You are a criminal with a criminal record. And once lived in a criminal group for a short time. You still maintain contact with the criminal’s underground world.

You are closer than most people in this world to the murders, theft, and violence, and you have lived to the present with defiance of social rules.

There are many types of criminals, and there are other similar criminal organizations in the thieves’ guilds, each with specific expertise. Some criminals who operate outside these organizations have a stronger preference than others, especially certain types of crime.

If you have a 5e criminal background, you can choose any character throughout your criminal life.

Skill Proficiencies: deceiving, hiding.

Tool proficiency: a gambling tool, a thief tool.

Equipment: a crowbar, a dark ordinary clothing with a hood, a normal clothing,
And a belt bag with 15 gp.

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Criminal Specialty

Illegal crimes occur in a variety of ways, while in thieves’ guilds or similar criminal groups in the organization. And each member also has a different full-time division of labor.

Even those who are free from the group offenders outside the organization may also prefer certain crimes. Choose you are committing role played in a criminal life, or randomly roll according to the table below.

5Highway Robber
6Hired Killer

Feature: Criminal Contact

You have a credible linker to help you organize the criminal’s contact network. You know how to send and receive information from the connector even thousands of miles away.

In addition, you know who can trust, they may be local messengers, a bribe caravan supervisor, or a ragged sailor.

Suggested Characteristics

Criminals may look like villains, and most of them are truly wicked. But some criminals still have some pleasing characteristics to balance.

Thieves may still talk about honor, while criminals rarely show respect for law or authority in their life.

Personality traits 5e

D8Personality Trait
1I always have a plan for what to do when things go wrong.
2I am always calm, no matter what the situation.
I never raise my voice or let my emotions control me.
3The first thing I do in a new place is note the locations of everything valuable-or where such things could be hidden.
4I would rather make a new friend than a new enemy.
5I am incredibly slow to trust.
Those who seem the fairest often have the most to hide.
6I don’t pay attention to the risks in a situation.
Never tell me the odds.
7The best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can’t do it.
8I blow up at the slightest insult.


1Honor: I don’t steal from others in the trade. (Lawful)
2Freedom: Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who would forge them. (Chaotic)
3Charity: I steal from the wealthy so that I can help people in need. (Good)
4Greed: I will do whatever it takes to become wealthy. (Evil)
5People: I’m loyal to my friends, not to any ideals, and everyone else can take a trip down the Styx for all I care. (Neutral)
6Redemption: There’s a spark of good in everyone. (Good)


1I’m trying to pay off an old debt I owe to a generous benefactor.
2My ill-gotten gains go to support my family.
3Something important was taken from me, and I aim to steal it back.
4I will become the greatest thief that ever lived.
5I’m guilty of a terrible crime. I hope I can redeem myself for it.
6Someone I loved died because of a mistake I made.
That will never happen again.

Okay, you can see the suggested characteristics and Personality traits of the criminal background 5e in dungeon and dragon role-playing games above. As you see, there are all types of suggested characteristics such as personality traits, ideal, flaw, and bond.

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D&D Paladin Spell List 5e

Name LevelCast TimeSchoolRitualComp-
Aura of Life4thActionAbjurationnoVyes
Aura of Purity4thActionAbjurationnoVyes
Aura of Vitality3rdActionEvocationnoVyes
Banishing Smite5thBonus ActionAbjurationnoVyes
Blinding Smite3rdBonus ActionEvocationnoVyes
Branding Smite2ndBonus ActionEvocationnoVyes
Ceremony1st1 hourAbjurationyesVSMgpno
Circle of Power5thActionAbjurationnoVyes
Compelled Duel1stBonus ActionEnchantmentnoVyes
Create Food and Water3rdActionConjurationnoVSno
Crusader's Mantle3rdActionEvocationnoVyes
Cure Wounds1stActionEvocationnoVSno
Death Ward4thActionAbjurationnoVSno
Destructive Wave5thActionEvocationnoVno
Detect Evil and Good1stActionDivinationnoVSyes
Detect Magic1stActionDivinationyesVSyes
Detect Poison and Disease1stActionDivinationyesVSMyes
Dispel Evil and Good5thActionAbjurationnoVSMyes
Dispel Magic3rdActionAbjurationnoVSno
Divine Favor1stBonus ActionEvocationnoVSyes
Elemental Weapon3rdActionTransmutationnoVSyes
Find Greater Steed4th10 minutesConjurationnoVSno
Find Steed2nd10 minutesConjurationnoVSno
Geas5th1 minuteEnchantmentnoVno
Holy Weapon5thBonus ActionEvocationnoVSyes
Lesser Restoration2ndActionAbjurationnoVSno
Locate Creature4thActionDivinationnoVSMyes
Locate Object2ndActionDivinationnoVSMyes
Magic Circle3rd1 minuteAbjurationnoVSMgpno
Magic Weapon2ndBonus ActionTransmutationnoVSyes
Protection from Evil and Good1stActionAbjurationnoVSMyes
Protection from Poison2ndActionAbjurationnoVSno
Purify Food and Drink1stActionTransmutationyesVSno
Raise Dead5th1 hourNecromancynoVSMgpno
Remove Curse3rdActionAbjurationnoVSno
Searing Smite1stBonus ActionEvocationnoVyes
Shield of Faith1stBonus ActionAbjurationnoVSMyes
Staggering Smite4thBonus ActionEvocationnoVyes
Thunderous Smite1stBonus ActionEvocationnoVyes
Wrathful Smite1stBonus ActionEvocationnoVyes
Zone of Truth2ndActionEnchantmentnoVSno