D&D 5e musical instruments – 5e player’s handbook

The Player Manual of Chapter 5 mentioned the D&D 5e musical instruments. These dnd 5e musical instruments are also collected below, which are most popular in the d&d 5e player’s handbook.

The most popular D&D 5e musical instruments list include:

  • Birdpipes
  • Longhorn
  • Shawm
  • Glaur
  • Hand Drum
  • Wargong
  • Yarting
  • Zulkoon
  • Songhorn
  • Tantan
  • Thelarr
  • Tocken

Here is the D&D 5e musical instruments list. Several common 5e musical instrument examples are listed in the table. Characters with dnd musical instrument 5e proficiency items can add their proficiency bonus to the verification result when using the corresponding musical instrument to perform attribute verification.

Various types of dnd 5e musical instruments are not related to each other, and their proficiency is only effective for the corresponding musical instruments.

D&D 5e musical instruments list
D&D 5e musical instruments list

The skilled use of dnd musical instruments 5e indicates that you are familiar with the techniques used to play musical instruments. You also know some songs that are usually performed using this instrument. Dnd 5e backgrounds with 5e musical instruments as sool proficiencies include: entertainer background 5e, outlander background 5e.


Your expertise helps you recall legends related to musical instruments.


When you incorporate musical instruments into your performance, your ability to perform good shows improves.

Compose 3 Tune

As part of a long rest, you can write new tunes and lyrics for the musical instrument. You can use this ability to impress a noble or disgraceful rumor and appealing tune.