How to choose D&D 5e Races?

With so many d&d 5e races for choice and the race you choose is related to all aspects of the character and determines certain basic qualities of your character throughout its adventure.

How to choose a good race in D&D 5e?

When it comes to making a decision, be sure to remember what type of role you want to play.

For example, the Halfling is very suitable for becoming a hidden wanderer; the Dwarf can be tenacious warriors, and the Elf is more suitable for becoming masters of arcane magic.

The character’s race is not only related to its attribute value and racial traits but also provides clues when you create the character’s 5e backgrounds. The description of each race includes information to help you perform role-playing, including character personality, appearance, ethnic and social characteristics, and racial camp tendencies.

d&d 5e races

Of course, these instructions are just some suggestions to help you conceive your character. You can also create adventurers who are very different from their races. When you think about why your role is different, it is a good idea to conceive the corresponding background and personality for it.

Human is the most common inhabitants of the d&d 5e world, and the Dwarf, ELF, halfling, and many other magical fantasy races also live and work in this world. And your role is to be one of these groups.

Not all of the intelligent races in the multi-universe are suited to being player-controlled adventurers. Dwarf, ELF, halfling, and human are the most common races in the adventure squad.

When choosing a dnd 5e race, you also need to consider the Racial Traits.

Racial Traits


The age entry records the adult age and life expectancy of the race in dnd 5e. This information can provide a reference when you set the specific age of the character. When you set the character’s age at will, you can also make a corresponding explanation for the level of a certain attribute value of the character.

For example, if the role you play is extremely young or old, the age of the role explains its extremely low strength or physique value, and those older characters also have higher intelligence or perception values.


Most races have a strong tendency towards a certain camp, which is explained in this entry.

This does not restrict your freedom in building your character, but careful consideration, such as “Why your dwarf character belongs to a chaotic camp, and runs counter to the lawful dwarf society” will help you build your character better.


Characters belonging to different dnd races will have different languages for speaking, reading, and writing.


Some races also have some subspecies in dnd 5e. In addition to the traits common to this race, characters belonging to a certain subspecies also have some traits unique to that subspecies. The relationship between subspecies will be different in different races and different worlds.

D&D 5e Race

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