Enhance Ability 5e

You touch a creature and attach magic power to it. Choose one of the following effects to take effect, and the target will maintain the spell effect until the spell ends.

Enhance Ability

  • Level: 2
  • Casting time: 1 Action
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: V, S, M
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

Bear’s Endurance. The target has an advantage in timing physical examinations. The target also gains 2d6 temporary hit points and maintains until the spell ends.

Bull’s Strength. The target has an advantage in power check, and its load doubles.

Cat’s Grace. Targets have the advantage of agile verification. In addition, the target will not be injured by a fall within 20 feet in a non-disabled state.

Eagle’s Splendor. The target has an advantage in charm check.

Fox’s Cunning. Targets have an advantage in performing intelligence checks.

Owl’s Wisdom. Targets have advantages in perceptual verification.

Ascending ring cast effect. When you cast this spell with a 3rd-level or higher spell slot, you can specify one more target for each spell slot higher than the 2nd ring.