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In dnd 5e backgrounds, the entertainer background 5e is a very talented and interesting character.

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Entertainer background 5e

You grow up in your acting career in front of the audience. Gradually learn how to please others, how to fascinate them, and even how to motivate them.

Your psalms provoke the hearts of your listeners, and their joy and sorrow. Your music invigorates them or evokes their sadness. Your dance is fascinating, and your humor is sharp.

No matter what technique you are good at, art is your life.

Skill proficiency 5e Athletics, Performance
Tool proficiencies 5eA set of Musical instrument, Disguise Kit
Equipment A musical instrument, an admirer’s token (love letter,
a strand of hair or accessories), a performance costume,
and a 15 gp belt bag

Feature: By Popular Demand

You can always find performance venues, usually pubs or inns, and occasionally circuses, theaters, and even noble halls.

As long as you maintain your performance every night, you can get free accommodation at a simple or comfortable level (depending on the size of the performance).

In addition, your acting career gives you a certain reputation locally. When you are recognized by strangers in the town where you are performing, you are usually treated kindly.

Entertainer Routines

Good entertainer background 5e should be versatile and able to entertain audiences in many different ways in a single performance.

Choose one to three routines or roll the dice to randomly determine your skill as an entertainer.

D10Entertainer Routine

Suggested Characteristics

Successful dnd 5e entertainer background can evoke and capture the audience’s attention, so they tend to have publicity or affinity.

They are passionate about romance and insist on proud standards of art and aesthetic standards.

Personality Traits 5e

D8Personality Traits
1 I know a story that fits almost every situation.
2 When I get to a new place, I start collecting local rumors and gossip.
3 I am an incurable romantic disease, always looking for “someone who is destined”.
4 No one around me will be angry for too long, because I can always relax the tension.
5 I like subtle irony, even if it is irony to me.
6 It will be uncomfortable for me not to be the focus of the crowd.
7 I am a perfectionist.
8 My emotions and thoughts become as fast as playing the fingers of the piano wheel.


1 Beauty. The world will look better when I perform. (Goodness)
2 Traditional Tradition. Past stories, epics, and ballads shape us so they should not be forgotten. (Obey)
3 Creativity. The world needs new ideas and bold action. ( Chaotic )
4 Greed. I am just for the sake of naming. (evil)
5 People People. I like the smiles on people’s faces when performing. That’s what I want. (neutral)
6 Honesty. Art shows the soul. It should come from the heart and expose the self. (Any)


1 My instrument is my most precious asset, and it honors someone I love.
2 Someone stole my cherished instrument, and I must take it back.
3 I want to be famous at all costs.
4 I worship a hero in an ancient legend, and I always follow his example.
5 I am willing to do anything as long as I can prove that I am better than that hateable opponent.
6 I can do anything for the companions of the old theater company.


1 I will do whatever it takes to gain reputation and fame.
2 I am fascinated by pretty faces.
3 Some scandals left me. And this trouble still follows.
4 I once satirized a nobleman, and now he still wants my head. And I may make this mistake again.
5 I can’t help telling my true feelings. And my mean words often cause me trouble.
6 Even if I do my best, my friends still think I can’t be trusted.

Variant Entertainer: Gladiator

Gladiators are actually very similar to cruise artists or circus artists, they learn the art of entertaining the public with battle scenes. This flashy battle is the direction of your performing arts, and you can also master the related skills of performers or jugglers.

You can use the “lovely” feature to perform in any place suitable for battle fun-it can be a certain sword arena or a black boxing club. You can replace the instruments in your gear selection with inexpensive and uncommon weapons, such as tridents or catch nets.

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