Entertainer background 5e – Art is your life

In dnd 5e, the entertainer background 5e is one interesting background. The 5e entertainer background with many Skill proficiencies and tool proficiencies, and loved by popular demand.

You might want to know where the entertainer background 5e comes from? And want to know the entertainer Routine of the d&d 5e backgrounds.

Entertainer background 5e

No matter what you are good at, art is your life.

You grow up in front of an audience. And learn how to please others, how to enthralled them, and even learn how to motivate them.

In any case, your psalm stirs the heartstrings of the audience and stirs their joys and sorrows.

Your music cheers up their spirits or reminds them of their sadness. Your dance moves are fascinating, and your humor is in full view.

Skill proficiencyAthletics, Performance
Tool proficienciesA set of Musical instrument, Disguise Kit
EquipmentA musical instrument (your choice), a letter from an admirer (love letter, a strand of hair or jewelry), a set of performance clothing, and a purse with 15 gp.

By Popular Demand

You have the feature loved by popular demand.

You can always find a place to perform, usually a pub or inn, and occasionally a circus, a theatre or even an aristocratic hall.

As long as you maintain your show every night, you’ll get a simple or comfortable level of free room and board (depending on the size of the show).

In addition, your acting career has earned you a reputation locally. When you are recognized by strangers in a town where you are performing, you are usually treated well.

Entertainer Routines

Good artists are always versatile and able to entertain the audience in a show with many different approaches.

Choose one to three sets or roll the dice to randomly determine your skills as an artist. The entertainer routines of d&d 5e entertainer background as the following table.

dnd 5e entertainer background Entertainer Routines

Suggested Characteritics

The successful artists with dnd 5e entertainer background are always able to evoke and capture the attention of the audience. So they generally have the characteristics of publicity or affinity.

They are obsessed with romance and insist on the ideals of art and aesthetic standards.

Personality Traits of entertainer background 5e.

entertainer background 5e Personality Traits
d&d 5e entertainer background ideal
d&d 5e entertainer background flaw

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