Find Steed 5e

You summon a spirit with extraordinary intelligence, strength and loyalty as a mount, and at the same time make a long-term contract with it.

Find Steed

  • Level: 2
  • Casting time: 10 Minutes
  • Range: 30 feet
  • Components: V, S
  • Duration: Instantaneous

The mount appears in the unoccupied space within the cast range, and its shape is selected by you from the following forms: warhorse, pony, camel, elk, mastiff (DM can also allow you to choose other animals as mounts).

The mount has attribute data for the form you choose, but it actually belongs to a type of celestial creature, fine creature, or demon (selected by you) rather than the usual type.

In addition, if your mount intelligence is 5 or lower, its intelligence becomes 6, and you can understand a language you master.

Regardless of whether you are in combat, the mount can help you, and the contract between you makes you move closer.

When you ride the mount, all spells you cast that only target you also affect the mount.

When the mount’s health drops to 0, it disappears without leaving any material residue. You can also dissolve the mount at any time to make it disappear.

After that, whenever you recast the spell, the summoned summons appear with the same mount.

When the mount is within 1 mile of you, you can communicate with it telepathically.

You cannot use this spell to have more than one horse at the same time. You can free the horse from the contract with one action at any time and make it disappear.