How to play as folk hero 5e in d&d?

In the d&d 5e backgrounds, the 5e background like Urchin, Criminal, and Charlatan come from the bottom classes, so do the folk hero 5e.

You might know few about the folk hero background 5e. So, the following content might help you.

Folk hero

As mentioned above, in the d&d 5e backgrounds, you come from the lower classes of society and are destined to go through many hardships.

In your hometown, people already see you as their fighter. And the God of Destiny is inspiring you to confront the tyrannical and monster who oppress the common people everywhere.

Skill proficiencyTaming Animals, Surviving
Tool proficienciesA craftsman tool, carrier
EquipmentA set of artisan tools (your choice), a shovel, an iron jug, a set of ordinary clothing, and a pocket with 10 gp.

Feature of Rustic Hospitality

Because you come from the civilian class, you feel comfortable among the people of the country.

Unless the villagers already think you’re in danger, you can always find a place for the average person to hide, rest or recover from the injury.

They can cover you to escape justice, or escape from the people who hunt you, but they won’t sacrifice their lives for you.

Defining Event

Once upon a time, you were doing a simple full-time job with the people. You may be a full-time farmer, miner, servant, shepherd, lumberjack or grave digger, etc.

But because something happens, you take a different path and mark that your pursuits will be greater ever.

Choose or roll the dice to randomly determine a fateful event to mark the time you become a hero in people’s hearts.

Folk hero 5e Defining Event

Suggested Characteristics of folk hero background 5e

The folk hero background 5e is part of common suffering with the common.

Most dnd 5e folk hero s see their humble origins as virtues rather than regrets, and the communities in their homelands remain important to them.

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