Hallow 5e

You touch a point and inject divine (or evil) power around that point. The radius of the area is up to 60 feet.


  • Level: 5
  • Casting time: 24 Hours
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: V, S, M
  • Duration: Until dispelled

If this area contains an area that has been affected by another holy spell, the cast fails this time. The area affected by the spell has the following effects.

First, celestial creatures, elemental creatures, fine creatures, demons, and undead creatures cannot enter the area, nor can these creatures charm, panic, or possess creatures in the area.

Any creature that is charmed, panicked, or possessed by these creatures will no longer be in a state of charm, panic, or possession as long as it enters the area. You can choose one or more of the above creature types so that it is not affected by the effect.

Second, you can bind an additional effect to the area. Choose one of the following effect options, or choose one of the effects provided by the DM to take effect.

Some of the effects that affect creatures in the area can be set to affect all creatures, creatures that follow a certain god or leader, or only certain creature types (such as orcs or trolls).

When an affected creature enters the area for the first time in a round, or starts its turn in the area, it can make a charm save. If the save is successful, the creature ignores this additional effect until it leaves the area.

Couage of courage. Affected creatures in the area are not subject to panic.

Darkness. The area is in a dark environment, and ordinary light sources and light sources created by ring-level spells lower than the spell cast spell can’t illuminate the area.

Daylight. The area is in bright light, and the darkness created by the spell is more than the spell position of this spell.

Energy Protection. Affected creatures in the area are resistant to a damage type specified by you. The selected type does not include bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing.

Energy Vulnerability. The affected creatures in the area are vulnerable to a damage type specified by you. The selected type does not include bludgeoning, piercing and slashing.

Everlasting Rest. Corpses buried in the area cannot be transformed into undead.

Extradimensional Interference. Affected creatures cannot move and travel through teleportation or cross-plane pathways.

Fear Fear. The affected creatures in the area panic.

Silence. Sound cannot be emitted from within the area, nor can sound from outside the area be transmitted to the area.

Tongues. The affected creatures can communicate with any other creatures in the area at will, even if they have no language skills.