Java – Android fingerprint login – may or may not

Android fingerprint login – may or may not… here is a solution to the problem.

Android fingerprint login – may or may not

I’m working on an app where users can log in with their fingerprint. As far as I know, the storage of fingerprints depends on the local operating system. If I want to implement this via server side, how do I get it to work?

Ex. If a user enter a user name, He or she will be asked to enter
password or use his finger print for login. Based on username and
fingerprint his/her desired role will be recognized.

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You are right, the fingerprint data is completely handled by the operating system. In fact, your app can’t even distinguish between different registered fingerprints.

All you can do is use the device’s registered fingerprint to help sign in faster (but note that any registered fingerprint can be used to authenticate the user).

It could be this Android developer’s blogpost You can provide more details.

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