Java – AssertJ in the optional list

AssertJ in the optional list… here is a solution to the problem.

AssertJ in the optional list


have an optional list like List<Optional<String>> optionals I like to assert several things on it with assertj.

But I failed to do it properly – I only found examples on a single optional.

Of course I can do all the checks myself

Assertions.assertThat(s).allMatch(s1 -> s1.isPresent() && s1.get().equals("foo"));

And link them up, but I still feel that there is a smarter approach through the API.

What am I missing here or is List<Optional<T>> in assertj?


AssertJ doesn’t seem to provide utilities for optional collections, but you can iterate over the list and perform assertions on each item.

list.forEach(element -> assertThat(element)

Perhaps a better approach is to collect all the assertions instead of stopping at the first assertion. You can use SoftAssertions in different ways, but I prefer this one :

SoftAssertions.assertSoftly(softly ->
    list.forEach(element -> softly.assertThat(element).isPresent())

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