Java – Espresso does not wait for the keyboard to open

Espresso does not wait for the keyboard to open… here is a solution to the problem.

Espresso does not wait for the keyboard to open

I have an Espresso test and my screen contains an EditText and a skip button underneath.
When I start the activity, the keyboard pops up, focusing on the EditText and overlapping the Button.
I now want to write a test for the skip button and assert what happens after that.

The problem is that espresso didn’t wait for the keyboard to turn on.
So what happened is

  • Espresso didn’t wait for keyboard input and pressed “skip”
  • The keyboard slides open
  • Assertion now fails under the keyboard

The code looks like this:

public void givenSkipped_whenConfirmed_thenMainActivityLaunched() {
  Espresso.closeSoftKeyboard();// <- Not working as espresso seems to think it is not open yet
  skipPostcodeEntry.perform(click()); <- Can click this as keyboard is not open yet.


confirmationButton.perform(click());//<- Fails as this is now overlapped by KB


I found that Espresso is not waiting for the keyboard to close But nothing is not waiting for the keyboard to turn on.

Has anyone solved this problem?


When you look at the closeSoftKeyboard method, you find a class named CloseKeyboardAction. You can see that it even records when the keyboard is not recognized as open.

 Log.w(TAG, "Attempting to close soft keyboard, while it is not shown."); 


Unfortunately, at the moment Espresso can’t seem to check if the keyboard is on the screen or not! (!topic/android-platform/FyjybyM0wGA )

As a workaround, what we do is check the input field that should have focus and close the keyboard. This prevents Espresso from calling closeSoftKeyboard() before the keyboard appears on the screen


public void testSomething() {
    Continue with normal test

Then add EspressoExtensions to your project:

public class EspressoExtensions {
   * This can be used to close the keyboard on an input field when Android opens the keyboard and
   * selects the first input when launching a screen.
   * <p>
   * This is needed because at the moment Espresso does not wait for the keyboard to open
  public static void closeKeyboardOnFocused(ViewInteraction viewInteraction) {

Hopefully this will help until Espresso has a way to assert if the keyboard is on the screen or not

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