Java – From zero to Java Spring Hibernate for web

From zero to Java > Spring > Hibernate for web… here is a solution to the problem.

From zero to Java > Spring > Hibernate for web

Good… This is my actual state :

Been a PHP scripter for too long, and I think I covered the basics, good practices (structure, annotations, indentation, work plans, etc.), OOP, MVC, security, and the basics of PL/SQL. But having never seen a single line of java code, it’s time to do some witchcraft to “learn XYZ in 21 seconds”. The goal was to write a complete and complex application via MVC (I was working for a multinational company) with many different patterns, also using ORM, caching, and persistence.

That’s why I wondered what books should be read to learn the theory of Java and then Spring and later Hibernate. Then, practice and endless debugging time will give me more knowledge, just like anything else I’ve learned so far.

Any help (not a joke about being a PHPer) would be appreciated.

In short, I would like to know how to use (JBoss?) Spring+Hibernate uses Java to design extensible web applications

Also, I don’t want to hype about what is the best / worst and what is different, just some ISBN #s or links to my right direction of study … I have time, I just don’t have any knowledge of where to start.



Ok, first of all thanks for the answer. Secondly I guess it’s not clear to me, I don’t want to learn in 21 seconds (that’s just those references to “learn XYZ in 21 days”), I know it’s a long process. I started programming with basic and pascal in 1998, then I learned C++, then HTML/Javascript and PHP, and since 2003 I have only written in PHP. That’s why I want to keep using Java for 1.5/2 years, where Spring and Hibernate are the norm, so I’m thinking:

1) Try XXXX to learn how to properly set up YYYY to start running Java
2) Read AAAA, BBBB, CCCC embrace Java
3) XXXX, YYYY and ZZZZ are suitable for Spring
4) Maybe AAAA, BBBB, and CCCC can help Hibernate


also know that I have to practice in front of you every day for 8..12 hours and you will be able to say “Hello world” in a “n” language extracted from the abstract database of objects from the View called from an in-memory template stored by the front-end Controller using several extended model stores.

One more thing, I asked this because I love programming… It gives back a lot. I am not a professional, I was lucky enough to earn some money and work with real professionals, but they were jealous of me because I was an administrator and made a few blocks of money in his extra time. That’s why I’m here and not asking them questions.

Thanks again.


“learn XYZ in 21 seconds”

It is best to read this

Here, you may want to chew a few more bites.

You need Java – that’s the basics.

But you can go a long way with just servlets, JSPs written in JSTL, and JDBC.

You don’t need to use Spring right away, but it will help you build your application in a good way. I would recommend Spring as an excellent example of well-designed, well-implemented, well-tested code.

Hibernate should be at the end of the line. You may not need or need dynamically generated SQL.

I agree with Grails’ advice because it will simplify your onboarding, but if anything goes wrong, you’ll be stuck. Grails is based on Java, Spring, Hibernate, and Groovy. If you don’t know anything about its foundation, then if it fails, you’ll let it go.


Since you provided more information, I will add another idea.

The goal is to write a full and
complex application (I’m working for a
global company) over MVC with lots of
different patterns, also use of ORM,
cache and persistence.

Now that we’ve determined that this is a lengthy process, you need to make sure that the global company that will (hopefully) invoice this work is ready to support it. Do they have the infrastructure, staff, and knowledge to follow you down this Java EE path? Otherwise, you won’t serve them. As you prepare yourself, get them ready for your plan.

Good luck. Maybe we can help you climb that mountain.

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