Java – How to check if a database exists in Android?

How to check if a database exists in Android?… here is a solution to the problem.

How to check if a database exists in Android?

I’m using the Room API to implement a database in my Android application. It seems like every time I load my app, it tries to create the database again and again. Is there any way to limit this?

 db = Room.databaseBuilder(context, AppDatabase.class, "database-name").build();


When you create a database, it is called when the application starts, when their database is created. You used the following code in an application activity and called the activity in the list file that the application class called, just as you did in the following code:

public class AppActivity extends Application {

AppDatabase db;

public void onCreate() {
    db = Room.databaseBuilder(getApplicationContext(), AppDatabase.class, "database-name").build();

public AppDatabase getDatabase() {
    return db;

and add the following line to the list file: Add the following line in the Application tab


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