Java – How to customize View android SDK, calendar View

How to customize View android SDK, calendar View… here is a solution to the problem.

How to customize View android SDK, calendar View

I’m using the UI for the first time. I know custom standard stuff (lists, tables, or something). I need to follow the example below. Calendar View . Who knows such tutorials/examples? Sorry, I never used the UI in the Android SDK.

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Quote from CalendarView

CalendarView class is a calendar widget for displaying and selecting
dates. The range of dates supported by this calendar is configurable.
A user can select a date by taping on it and can scroll and fling the
calendar to a desired date.

Android does not provide any calendar views in the SDK. From a developer’s point of view, this is a big loss. In many cases, it is beneficial to display the days of the month and give the user some options to choose a date.

  1. One solution is to use 3rd Party Component
  2. The second is to implement one yourself.

Acknowledgements How to implement CalendarView in Android .

Please check

  1. Android calendar view .

  2. Designing the view for a calendar app .

Hope that helps.

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