Java – jackson parses integers as double

jackson parses integers as double… here is a solution to the problem.

jackson parses integers as double


In the JSON request, I receive the following:

  total: 103

In other cases, the total may have decimal precision, for example: 103.25. I WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO USE JACKSON


In my Java, I want to read this 103 into a double:

Configuration conf = Configuration.builder().mappingProvider(new JacksonMappingProvider())
                .jsonProvider(new JacksonJsonProvider()).build();
Object rawJson = conf.jsonProvider().parse(payload);
double listPrice =, "$.total")

But then I get the following error:

Java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.Double.

Is there a way to handle the above without string/math manipulation?


Is there a way to handle the case above without doing string/mathematical manipulations?

This should be done.

Configuration conf = Configuration.builder()
       .mappingProvider(new JacksonMappingProvider())
       .jsonProvider(new JacksonJsonProvider())
Object rawJson = conf.jsonProvider().parse(payload);
Object rawListPrice =, "$.total");
double listPrice;
if (rawListPrice instanceOf Double) {
    listPrice = (Double) rawListPrice;
} else if (rawListPrice instanceOf Integer) {
    listPrice = (Integer) rawListPrice;
} else {
    throw new MyRuntimeException("unexpected type: " + rawListPrice.getClass());

If you want to do this repeatedly, create a method….

public double toDouble(Object number) {
    if (number instanceof Double) {
        return (Double) number;
    } else if (number instanceof Integer) {
        return (Integer) number;
    } else {
        throw new MyRuntimeException("unexpected type: " + number.getClass());

The root cause of the exception is that the return type of is an unconstrained type parameter. The compiler infers this to whatever type the calling site expects and adds a hidden type conversion to ensure that the actual value returned is of the expected type.

The problem arises when can actually return multiple types in a single call. The compiler has no way of knowing what it can return… Or how to convert it.

Solution: Handle conversions with some runtime type checking.

Here’s another solution that should work:

double listPrice = ((Number), "$.total")).doubleValue();

… If the value of “total” in JSON is (say) a string, you still get a modulus of ClassCastException.

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