Java – Removes items from HashMap by key in Java

Removes items from HashMap by key in Java… here is a solution to the problem.

Removes items from HashMap by key in Java

I have a HashMap like this

public static HashMap<String, Integer> jsonPosition = new HashMap<String, Integer>();

I put some values like this in my hashmap

GlobalClassParameters.jsonPosition.put("another income",

Now I want to delete the item by key. I wrote some code that can remove all items with a key equal to a certain value.

Object objectToRemove = null;
Iterator<Map.Entry<String, Integer>> iter = GlobalClassParameters.jsonPosition.entrySet().iterator();

while (iter.hasNext()) {
   Map.Entry<String, Integer> entry =;

if(entry.getKey().equalsIgnoreCase("another income"))
      objectToRemove = entry;

if(objectToRemove != null)

My problem is that I don’t need to delete all objects whose key equals my “another income”, but I only want to delete one object with that key.


You cannot put multiple values for a single key in a HashMap. You just overwrote the value before that key.

In addition to map, there is a remove method, which accepts a key and delete the entry for that key.

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