Java – What exactly are widgets?

What exactly are widgets?… here is a solution to the problem.

What exactly are widgets?

I find that there are some conflicting definitions of the term. In ,
The author defines a widget as “View is the base class of a widget for creating interactive UI components (buttons, text fields, and so on)”, which is basically used to create interactive UI components. However, on another StackOverFlow problem What exactly defines a ” widget”? , the answer is “apps that can interact with it from the home screen”. My question is, in the case of Android, does the term widget refer to the tool used to create UI components or to the UI components themselves? Can anyone clarify?


For developers, widgets are subclasses of View. Examples of widgets are TextViews, ImageViews, WebViews….

Focus on the end user, widgets or app widgets

(as Niek Haarman puts it) are small apps that display some kind of information on the home screen or lock screen, and you can find a lot of “app widgets” on Google Play. Weather widgets, financial widgets, email widgets…

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