Java – Where are the Bluetooth HID profiles located?

Where are the Bluetooth HID profiles located?… here is a solution to the problem.

Where are the Bluetooth HID profiles located?

I’m new to android development and as a pet project I want to try connecting to a Bluetooth device using an android phone using a HID profile. The phone I will be using is vibrant, and according to Samsung, it does not support HID profiles ( )。 Now my question is, where is this “profile” located? Is it at the hardware level or at the software level (I’m assuming the latter comes from other sources that self-read). If the latter, is it possible to create a HID implementation using RFCOMM communication via Bluetooth (which is the only seemingly feasible approach I’ve seen in the android Bluetooth API).

I just want to make sure you understand the technology before trying to implement something that might not be possible.

Thanks in advance.


Since HID profiles are at the same level as RFCOMM profiles, I don’t think you can implement the former on top of the latter.

Of course, the HID profile is implemented in software, but in the Android stack, this will be in a layer below the Java stack. If I understand correctly, it has to be enabled at the kernel level (since HID basically adds drivers).

Googling I found this post , this person adds HID profiles to the Android platform, plays around with some custom Android images and enables some kernel features (but mostly to be able to connect to certain Apple products).

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