How to use the Magic Mouth 5e?

When casting the Magic Mouth 5e spell, you plant a piece of information into an object within the casting distance…

In dnd 5e, what can you do with the dnd 5e magic mouth?

Magic Mouth 5e

Level: 2nd

Classes: Bard, Wizard

Casting Time: 1 minute

Range: 30 feet

Components: V, S, M

Duration: Until dispelled

Frequently topics on Magic Mouth

1. This spell came to me when I got stuck on a puzzle, I like spells like the magic mouth, fire trap, Fireball, Fire Bolt, etc that work passively, luring the victim in. An NPC warlock used this on my group, left the puzzle on the floor and someone picked it up.

2. Paul design tips: We once entered a room with just a table with a silver dish on it. A Magic Mouth said we had been poisoned and had to the count of 10 to put gold on the plate to be cured…

3. You found an illusionist scroll: rope trick, magic mouth, ventriloquism.

4. What is your favorite undervalued dnd 5e spell? In dnd 5e, mine is Magic Mouth. My battle bard has used it to enchant her weapon to yell “suck it” every time she hits with it.

5. Honestly, I really like the idea of a dnd campaign where the primary focus is politics and intrigue. make combat scarce and make spells like magic mouth, Create Undead actually useful.

How does the dnd 5e Magic Mouth work?

When casting the dnd 5e Magic Mouth spell, you plant a piece of information into an object within the casting distance, and its information will be spoken when the preset conditions are met.

You specify an object that you can see and is not worn or carried by another creature. Then, you can use up to 10 minutes to convey this message of no more than 25 words. Finally, let’s set the event that triggers the d&d 5e Magic Mouth spell to convey information.

When the preset event occurs, the magic on the target object will form a mouth and repeat the stored information with the same voice and volume as you.

If the target you specify has a mouth or a mouth-like structure, the magic mouth will be generated at the position of the mouth structure, making it look like the object’s mouth is talking.

When you cast this dnd 5e Magic Mouth spell, you can let the spell terminate immediately after the message is delivered, or you can let the spell continue forever and repeat it every time it is triggered by a preset condition.

The trigger conditions you decide can be general or specific, but you can only set the conditions based on the visual or auditory conditions within 30 feet of the target object.

For example, you can order the Mob to speak a message when any creature moves within 30 feet of an object, or when a silver bell rings within 30 feet of the creature.

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