Mirage Arcane 5e

You make the terrain in a square area of ​​at most 1 mile look like some other terrain in sight, hearing, smell, and even touch, but the general shape of the terrain remains the same. You can make an open plain or a road look like a wetland, a hill, a rift, or other difficult or impassable terrain. You can also make a pond like a lush grass, a cliff like a gentle slope, or a chaotic ditch like a wide and flat road.

Mirage Arcane 5e

Level: 7th

Classes: Bard, Wizard, Druid

Casting Time: 10 minutes

Range: Sight

Components: V, S

Duration: 10 days

In addition, you can also change the appearance of the building, or add buildings where there are no buildings. This spell cannot disguise, hide or add creatures.

The illusion is a combination of hearing, sight, touch and smell, so it can turn an empty ground into a difficult terrain (or vice versa), or even an impassable area. Any small part of the phantom terrain (such as a stone or a branch) will disappear immediately when it is moved outside the spell area.

A creature with real vision can see through the illusion and gain insight into the true shape of the terrain; however, all other elements of the illusion will still be preserved, so a creature that realizes that it is an illusion can still physically interact with the illusion.