How to use dnd 5e Modify Memory?

With the dnd 5e Modify Memory spell, you can try to reshape the memory of another creature. Force a creature that you can see. Takes one perception of immunity. If you are fighting this creature, it takes this immunity has an advantage when it fails.

Modify Memory 5e

Level: 5th

Classes: Bard, Wizard

Casting Time: 1 Action

Range: 30 feet

Components: V, S

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

When immunity fails, the creature is charmed by you for the duration of the dnd 5e Modify Memory spell. Bewitched. The target of the charm is incapacitated and unable to perceive its surroundings, but it is It can still hear you. If it takes any damage or becomes another law spell, the spell terminates and the target’s memory is not modified.

While the charming state lasts, you can alter the target’s memory of an event that the target experienced in the last 24 hours that lasted no more than ten minutes.

You can permanently erase all memories of the event, or you can make the target recall all details of the event with perfect clarity, or you can even change the details of the target’s memory of the event, or create a memory of something else.

You must describe in words how to change the target’s memory, and the target must be able to understand your language in order for you to implant the altered memory. The target’s consciousness will fill in all the missing details in your description.

If the Modify Memory 5e spell ends before you finish describing the altered memory, the target’s memory will not be altered, otherwise, the altered memory will be ingrained in the target’s mind when the spell ends.

The modified memory does not necessarily affect the creature’s behavior, especially if the modified memory goes against the target’s nature, camp, or beliefs.

If you implant an illogical memory (such as a memory you instill in the target about how much it enjoyed a bath in strong acid), the target will simply ignore the memory or see it as a nightmare of its own making. the DM can also decide that a modified memory is too absurd to affect the creature’s key behaviors.

Casting the dnd 5e Modify Memory spell to remove curse or greater restoration on the target will restore the target’s memory to reality.

Casting the Modify Memory 5e spell with a 6 ring or higher spell bit allows you to change the target’s memory of an event that occurred within the last 7 days (6 rings), 30 days (7 rings), 1 year (8 rings), or at any time in the past (9 rings).