Planar Binding 5e

You try to establish an oath with this creature to serve you with the spell. The creature can be one of the creature types such as celestial creature, elemental creature, fine creature, demon, etc. The creature must be within the casting range of the spell during the entire casting process. Typically, before casting the spell, the creature will be summoned into a magic circle with a reverse protective shield. After the cast is completed, the target must make a charm save. If the save fails, the target establishes an oath with you for the duration of the spell and serves you. If the creature is summoned or created by another spell, the duration of the spell that maintains its existence is extended to match the duration of this spell.

Planar Binding

  • Level: 5
  • Casting time: 1 Hour
  • Range: 60 feet
  • Components: V, S, M
  • Duration: 24 hours

A creature that has established an oath must do its best to follow your instructions. You can order the creature to accompany you when you venture, or guard a location, or pass a message. The creature will follow the literal meaning of the instructions you give, but if the creature is hostile to you, it will try to misinterpret your literal meaning to achieve its own goal. If the creature completes your instructions before the spell ends and you are still in the same plane, it will report to you in front of you. If you are in a different plane, it will return to the place where it established the oath and stay there until the spell ends.

Ascending ring cast effect. When the spell is cast using the 6th-level spell slot, the spell duration is increased to 10 days, the 7th ring is increased to 30 days, the 8th ring is 180 days, and the 9th ring is one year and one day.