Prismatic Spray 5e

Eight colorful rays flash from your hand. Each ray is a different color and has a different power and effect. Each creature in a 60-foot cone must make an Agility Immunity and a d8 roll to determine which color ray is in effect.

Prismatic Spray 5e

Level: 7th

Classes: Sorcerer, Wizard

Casting Time: 1 Action

Range: Self

Components: V, S

Duration: Instantaneous

  1. red. Target takes 10d6 fire damage on a failed immunity roll; a successful roll halves the damage.
  2. Orange. Targets take 10d6 acid damage on a failed immunity roll, a success halves that damage. 3 Yellow: Targets take 10d6 acid damage on a failed immunity roll, a success halves that damage.
  3. Yellow. Targets take 10d6 lightning damage when failing immunity.
  4. Green. Toxin damage at 10d6 if target fails.
  5. Blue. Targets take 10d6 freezing damage if their immunity fails; success halves their damage. 6.
  6. Indigo. Targets take Toxin damage on a failed immunity attempt, and damage is halved on a successful attempt. It must make one stat immunity at the end of each of its turns. The spell terminates after three successful immunity attempts. After three failed immunity attempts the target is permanently petrified. Successful or failed immunities need not be consecutive, just keep track of the number of both until one reaches three.
  7. Violet. The target falls blind on a failed immunity. It must make a Sense Immunity at the start of your next turn. A successful immunity terminates the blindness. A failed immunity sends the creature to another DM-designated plane and it is no longer blind. (Typically, creatures not on their home plane are banished home, while other creatures are usually transported to the Astral Plane or Etheric Plane.)
  8. Special. the target is hit by two rays. Two more rolls result in You can re-toss at 8.