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Sailor background 5e

You have been busy on the sea for many years. In those days, you faced wild storms, deep-sea beasts, or any other dangers that could drag your boat into the deep sea.

Your first love is the distant Haiping Line, but now it’s time to find some new work.

Talk to the DM about setting up information about the ship you used to sail.

  • Is it a merchant ship, a warship, or an exploration ship or a pirate ship?
  • Is it famous or unknown?
  • Is there more or less of the route?
  • Is it still sailing today, or is it missing, or sinking with the sailors above?
  • What is your position onboard? Is it a sailor, a captain, a navigator, a cook, or something else?
  • Who is the captain and who is the first officer?
  • Are you leaving the ship with the blessings of your companions, or are you fleeing from the ship in embarrassment?
Skill proficiency 5e Sports, Perception
Tool proficiencies 5e Pilot tools, vehicles (waterborne)
EquipmentA cable tie (short stick), a 50-foot silk rope;
Amulet such as a rabbit’s foot or perforated pebble;
A set of ordinary clothing, and an outfit Belt bag with 10 gp

Suggested Characteristics

The sailor background 5e may be rude, but life on board with their duties makes them very trustworthy.

Life on board shapes the appearance of d&d 5e sailor background and strengthens the most important friendship in their hearts.

Personality Traits 5e

D8Personality Traits
1 Friends know that no matter what difficulties arise, I deserve to rely on.
2 I work hard, and then I can have fun when I am free.
3 I like sailing to the new port, and then there to meet friends.
4 I often exaggerate to tell a good story.
5 I think taverns are a great place to learn about a strange city.
6 I never give up a friendly gamble.
7 My words are as dirty as the nest of the carrion.
8 I like the way the work is done. It would be better if the whole process was done by someone else.


1Respect. Only when the captain and crew respect each other can the boat ride through the waves. (Goodness)
2Fairness. Share the work you do together. (Obey)
3 Freedom. The sea is freedom-wherever you go, what you do. (Chaotic)
4 Mastery. I am a predator, and other ships at sea are my prey. (evil)
5 People. I work for my companions, not for ideals. (neutral)
6 Aspiration. Sooner or later one day, I will own my own ship and take control of my destiny. (Optional)


1 First of all, I am loyal to my captain, and everything comes behind.
2 The ship is the most important. Both the crew and the captain are passengers.
3 I always miss the first boat I’ve ever been on.
4 My lover lives in a port, and her charm almost makes me abandon life at sea with her.
5 When I split the treasure, I saw someone cheating, and I want to take back what I deserve.
6 The cruel pirates killed my captain and brothers, snatched my ship, and left me dying. And I must revenge.


1 I obey orders, even those that are incorrect.
2 I will rack my brains to avoid extra work.
3 Once someone questioned my courage, I dared to do everything.
4 Once I started drinking, I couldn’t stop at all.
5 I can’t help but collect various coins or trinkets and other things I encounter.
6 My pride may ruin myself.

Feature: Ship’s Passage

When necessary, you can get a free ride for your team to travel. You may be on a ship that you used to play with, or you may have encountered another ship that you have met with you or a ship under the command of a fellow sailor.

Because you are asking for help, not employment, you can’t make an itinerary and schedule fully meet your requirements. The exact time to reach the destination will be determined by the DM.

As a reward for the free ride, you and your teammates must join the crew to help with the work.

Variant Sailor: Pirate 5e

You grew up being raised by a horrible pirate background 5e, this cruel murderer has taught you how to survive in a bloody and dangerous world. In the meantime, you indulge in plundering on the high seas and send those innocent people to the bottom of the sea.

You, who are familiar with the taste of fear and killing, have become notoriety among many ports. When deciding to add a pirate element to your sailing career, you can use the notorious trait (see sidebar) instead of the boathouse trait.

Variant Feature: Bad Reputation

If your character uses a sailor background, then you can choose this background feature instead of the boathouse way feature.

Wherever you go, people will be scared by your notoriety. When you are in a civilized community, you can be protected from subtle criminal charges, such as eating overlord meals in a pub or kick the door of a bad store, etc.. It just because people don’t dare to risk reporting your abuse to the authorities.

Sounds like the Criminal 5e?

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