Shapechange 5e – how does shapechange work?

How does shapechange 5e spell work? And how is shapechange useful?

Shapechange 5e spell

  • Level: 9th
  • Classes: Druid, Wizard
  • Casting Time: Action
  • Range: Self
  • Components: V, S, M
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

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How does dnd 5e shapechange work?

You transform into another creature for the duration of the d&d 5e shapechange spell. Your new form can be any creature with a challenge level less than or equal to your level. This creature cannot be a build creature or an undead creature, and you must have seen this creature at least once.

You transform into an ordinary individual in this type of creature, without any class level, nor with casting properties.

Your game data is replaced with the target creature’s data, but your faction, intelligence, perception, and charm values ​​remain unchanged. You also retain all your skills and exempted proficiency, and you can also obtain the target creature’s skills and exempted proficiency.

If the target creature and you both have a certain proficiency item, and the target creature’s proficiency bonus in this item is higher than yours when you use a higher proficiency bonus in this check instead of your original bonus. You cannot use new forms of legendary moves and lair moves.

Your health and life dice become the same as the new form. When you return to the original form, your health will return to the state before the transformation. If you return to the original form because your health drops below 0, your normal form will take all the damage from the overflow. As long as the damage is not enough to reduce your health in the normal form to 0, you will not fall into a coma.

You can still get the gains from your professional, racial, and other characteristics, provided that your new form must be able to do these things physically. You cannot use any special senses previously enjoyed (such as dark vision) unless your new form also has this sense. If your transformed creature usually cannot speak, then you cannot speak.

When transforming, you can choose whether your equipment will fall to the ground, merge into a new form, or continue to dress. The equipment that continues to dress still has the functions under normal circumstances.

DM should judge whether you can continue to wear every piece of equipment in the new form according to the shape and size of the new form. Your equipment will not change shape and size to suit your new form, and equipment that cannot be dressed in the new form can only fall to the ground or merge into the new form. Equipment incorporating the new form will have no effect.

Frequently discussion about Shapechange

1. What can you turn into with shapechange?

2. They all have shapechange and true polymorph. The party of 6 just became a party of 3 + 3 white dragons. Late-game DND is so ridiculous lmfao

3. Mimics are monstrous predators that magically shapechange. I think giving you a chance is fair as an owlbear is a monstrous predator and I think most DMs would allow a check there.

4. Top 4 dnd spells as suggested by @feignedapathy

  • -Sequester (7th level transmutation)
  • -Shapechange (9th level transmutation)
  • -Feather Fall (1st level transmutation)
  • -Dream (5th level illusion)